you've never been this organized.

SquareDay organizes and visualizes your plans using data from the FourSquare and Mapbox APIs. Each fully customizable itinerary contains information about where you'll be and when you'll be there, allowing you to focus on what you'll be doing there.


Squareday is a FourSquare based schedule generator, allowing users to create itineraries with venues and times. This allows the user to have a basic schedule view as well as a calendar representation of all the places the user wants to visit according to their itinerary.

Squareday offers the functionality of a location based schedule creator that helps a user visualize their schedule coordinates in addition to just displaying when different events occur. This visualization helps organize the day by time and location.

The Squareday team is made up of Columbia University students studying CS4170 User Interface Design:

Please email us at squareday@googlegroups.com


For more detailed help & instructions download the user manual here or watch our demo below: